This division of Tobykemsworth Investment Limited was established for the production of furniture and fittings since 2010. We have the vision of creating beautiful and tastefully furnished environments. With our genuine and unique materials, we add a touch of class to your homes.

Having the right furniture in your home or offices is key is creating an habitable and hospitable environment. Our experts ensure priceless delivering of exquisite designs and finishing. Whether you are looking for a brand furniture to maintaining exisiting or replacement of worn-out furnitures, our team of craftmen is just a phone call away.


Our wood farm and factory is located in Calabar - Km 60, Calabar-Ikot Offiong Ekong Rd Obom, Akanpa LGA, Cross River State, with different species of wood of which the youngest of the timbers is 50 years old. This is to make all our esteemed customers know the worth of our material.

Due to the expanse of the wood farm we needed to attach our furniture factory to it, along with seasoned wood craftmen from Italy, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Our kind of equipment are the Furniture Machine, Wood Dryer, Wood Treatment Machine, Spraying Oven, Automated Cutting Machine, Boiling Machine etc.


  • Customized fitted kitchen cabinet
  • Customized finished Wardrobe
  • Executive crafted Bed
  • Tastefully furnished interior door
  • Painting + Decoration
  • Office Partitioning
  • Office Shelf
  • Libraries (commercial/private)

What you benefit from our service.

Furniture and fittings in our homes, offices and environment provides us with the comfort that we need. Our designs are specially tailored to maximize your productivity. Our craftsmen designs and produces furniture that perfectly suits your needs . Whether you are looking for a branded furniture or refurbishing your existing furniture, then you are in the right place.

  Bring hospitality and comfortability to maximum
  Maximization of productivity and increase of property value
  Trained Craftment

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